About Us

Hello, we’re Scribble & Dot!

We're a UK-based conscious stationery brand that focuses on the beauty of simplicity, without compromising on quality, style and natural resources. Recently launched, we operate from our office in Devon. With a passion for stationery and journals, we design and create beautifully illustrated products, with the aim to offer stylish, uncomplicated products with practical features using high-quality materials.

We are committed to creating stationery that serves your purpose. Our life-centric approach to our designs ensures that you enjoy our stationery to its limitless potential.

The idea came about after I was fed up of seeing the same problems with my journals; Ink bleeding through page after page, ghosting and durability lasting only a few months. But when I decided to search for a new premium notebook the sky-high prices really took to joy out of purchasing one.

Determined I asked a community: “What makes a journal great?” and reviewed responses from over 2,000 Stationery lovers. (It wasn’t easy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.)

We found that they value:

- Paper Quality

- Useability

- Affordability

....so we did just that.

We love stationery as much as you do and go to every length in testing our creations. Customer satisfaction is high on our priorities and our stationery is designed to delight. We are ensuring the designs are as functional as our artist collaborations are favorable. 

The foundation of our business model is to offer affordable luxury. Embracing a market where price points and appearances play an important role in purchasing decisions.

We at Scribble & Dot are paying attention to the needs and desires of our audience as well as the expectations on what quality stationery needs to deliver. From purchasing decisions to packaging. It all needs to align with our mission to always make you, our customers, feel appreciated.