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*Limited Edition of Pre-made Journal

Art & Design by Regina Nishchak

Regina Nishchak a talented artist based in Germany has put together this lovely pre-made dotted journal with 12 different monthly themes. Regina known by many on Instagram as @typotheorie, has a passion for calligraphy, drawing, and, most of all, creative bullet journaling.

Her interest in art itself followed her along from early childhood and so it was no question to make it into her profession. She is a daydreamer and tea lover with a refined eye for small moments, which inspires most of her creations in this book.


    • 12 different monthly themes, with hand-drawn illustrations by Regina Nishchak
    • Future Log
    • Goals of the year
    • Bucket List
    • 2 Memory pages
    • Monthly and weekly planner spreads
    • Monthly mood trackers, habit trackers, goal-setting spreads
    • Dotted pages throughout for additional customization
    • Mood Tracker & Habit tracker for each month
    • 2 page Calendar for each month.

Discover more of her work on Instagram @typotheorie

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